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Maintaining a place where a number of students and people from different regions and backgrounds spend majority of their time every day is not just difficult but also crucial in regards to health and safety of all those people as in such environment fast moving diseases spread like a fire. 

We understand that maintenance of such buildings play a big role in the health and wellness of people inside it and that is why Spiffy brings to you an extensive set of services for keeping your school and universities hygienic and germ free. School cleaning in Melbourne will never be so easy with spiffy.


School cleaning Melbourne,hospital cleaning Melbourne,University Cleaning Melbourne


Our 24 hour service offers you dedicated support whenever you required or dedicated set of people to deal with the cleaning needs as and when they arise and serve them immediately to keep the entire space clean consistently.

Our cleaning services for educational institutes’ aims in creating and maintaining such an environment that helps in learning and focus of the students. 

Why choose us?

Schools and universities require a different approach for maintenance. We understand that approach and have formulated a separate cleaning methodology for this sector to keep all the educational institutes not just clean but also healthy and safe only to nurture a growing and learning environment for our future generations.